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A cat in good company


From feral to favorite . . . She’s gone from sleeping on a shelf in our garage to lounging on the couch at the Royal Canadian Legion in Roberts Creek.  Nina, the Legion’s adopted cat, now looks on with calm contentedness as members play pool or cribbage, watch hockey games, sing community Christmas carols, slurp beer, eat one of Tony’s delicious salmon burgers, and gossip with the locals from a bar stool.  Maybe she’ll forget how to chase rats.


My guess is she’ll never forget her wild roots.  My husband and I first encountered her as a feral cat in full stalking mode in our yard. She would not let us come near her. After she had a litter of kittens, the Happy Cat Haven in Gibsons somehow managed to round her up and have her spayed, bless ’em. Nevertheless, she continued to hang out in our garage and yard and still does. Sleeping under our wooden deck is one of her favorite spots.


We’re delighted that Nina now has an adoptive parent: Gail, the barkeep at the Creek Legion. She managed to woo Nina indoors with coos and a bowl of milk. Kudos to her.

December 18, 2009 at 12:47 pm
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