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B.C. election results: Thank heavens for Weaver, Eby, and Nicholas Simons

Last week’s results of the recent B.C. provincial election  left me too distressed to want to write much on my blog. I still feel utter dismay that premier Christy Clark got re-elected and that the Liberals even gained seats. What a tremendous loss this means to our environment and to the movement to lower greenhouse gases. Clark supports increased use of liquid natural gas (LNG)  and expansion of these facilities across British Columbia. As the Valhalla Wilderness Society points out, studies have proven that the LNG process—blasting rock with water and chemicals to extract shale gas—results in more carbon emissions than coal. That’s truly disturbing.


As for our already decimated salmon runs along many B.C. rivers and seaways, how will these fish, vital to our economy and First Nations coastal culture, possibly survive if we suffer an oil spill as a result of increased tanker traffic? Clark has received considerable financial backing from oil and gas companies, and it’s unlikely that she will try and stop the Northern Gateway and Keystone pipeline expansion projects. All you have to do is watch the excellent but horrifying documentary Salmon Confidential to realize that a single massive oil spill will destroy our wild salmon. Even without the presence of oil in our waters, these fish are already struggling to survive against the  sea lice and three viruses that fish farming has introduced on our coast. And they’re getting no protection from our provincial or federal governments, which don’t want to threaten the economics of farmed salmon.


Yet some election results have definitely made me want to celebrate. I am hugely pleased  that Andrew Weaver, a climate change scientist from University of Victoria’s School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, has become B.C.’s first provincial Green Party representative . This MLA from Oak Bay-Gordon Head will serve as the environmental conscience for our provincial parliament and ensure that climate change remains an action priority.


I am also thrilled that David Eby, head of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, emerged victorious in Vancouver-Point Grey. It’s an admirable feat to snatch away the seat of the premier, as he did. He’ll serve as our moral and legal conscience in B.C. parliament. And of course, on our local scene, I am happy that Nicholas Simons of the NDP got re-elected to represent the Sunshine Coast. Nicholas has been responsive and proactive in many grassroots actions in our region and I am glad that he will be continuing his contributions in our legislature. We need more like him.

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May 20, 2013 at 12:03 pm
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  • May 27, 2013 at 3:40 pmHanna

    Here’s my initial reaction as posted on facebook:

    Well my fellow British Columbians… looks like another 4 years of ‘job creation and a strong economy’ (putting in pipelines, mining, and fracking with little regard for the environment) and ‘a balanced budget’ (not enough for schools, hospitals, and helping the poor)… with a leader who can’t secure her own home riding. Geesh even the media seemed disappointed after predicting NDP landslides in the polls, which are as accurate as predicting weather in Vancouver… the biggest loss to us all was the pathetic turnout – only 52% voted, and 48% couldn’t be bothered to show up… meanwhile thousands in Muslim countries are marching, fighting, and dying just for the right to vote… I hope you 48% realize that if ya all voted for any one candidate you lazy buns would control the province! The only good news is that Green won a riding, maybe two when they recount tomorrow… if you voted, THANK YOU… if not maybe 4 more years of greedy corporations raping the environment with our government’s blessing will compel you to vote next time? Okay, there’s my post-election rant.

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