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Peace lives in Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

I feel proud to be a resident of Roberts Creek, British Columbia, a Pacific coastal town of about 3, 000 people northwest of Vancouver. Home to many Vietnam war resisters, this activist and eco-minded community recently shared its messages for peace in Iraq and Afghanistan during an annual local parade. Amidst the many homegrown floats, colorful bohemian dancers, stilt walkers, and costumed hoola hoopers, members of local peace groups drove a pick-up truck bearing signs Bring Our Troops Home [from Afghanistan]. Someone left this figure, pictured below, propped up against the bridge that crosses the mouth of Roberts Creek, which empties into the Pacific Ocean.  Small dove placards , made by the Sunshine Coast Peace Group, were displayed on individual sticks; each one represented the life of a Canadian lost in the war in Afghanistan.  How many lives are we willing to lose for the price of oil?


                                                      — Heather Conn photo

August 30, 2009 at 4:38 pm
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